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Selection guide drive system rexroth indradrive 11 bosch rexroth ag, 71 511 en201211. Ecodrive cs from rexroth, profibus control though simatic. Rs232rs485, analog interface, sercos interface 2 firmware must be specified before ordering. Siemens has software plc controllers that can run in a pc, such as winlc. Page 2 about this documentation rexroth ecodrive 03 rexroth ecodrive 03 title drive controllers dkc03. Rexroth indramotion for handling the turnkey automation. Powered by configio a communitybrands owned company 1825 n hutchinson rd, suite 300, spokane valley, wa 99206. Robotics move palletizing into high gear packaging digest. For assistance, please call 2106809570, request a quote, or email. The central software tool in rexroth s offering is indraworks engineering framework for efficient planning, programming. Rexroth indradrive edition 02 mpx02mpx05 and hmv, error.

Rexroth ecodrive 03 instruction manual pdf download. Rexroth drive manual ebook download what they want to do and need to do but sometimes that selection guide drive system rexroth indradrive 11 bosch rexroth ag 71 511 en 2012 11 step example rexroth ecodrive cs drive controllers troubleshooting, rexroth. The dkc series of drives manufactured by indramat rexroth provide. The four motor sizes, identified by their power requirements, are 100 w, 200 w, 400 w and 750 w. Indramat rexroth ecodrive dkc fault codes diagnostic fault code messages for basic initialization and other fatal system errors 0 the writable data storage of the drive controller is tested for its functional. Drivetop software, integrated within the drive, can be used to set required parameters before using the drive. Indradrive fault and alarm list troubleshooting 101 oi. This video introduces bosch rexroth s new servo drive amplifier and shows how easy it is to set up, especially with a third party plc. This twoday course of bosch rexroths ecodrive iii maintenance course. Rexroth indramotion for handling the turnkey automation solution simple, scalable and powerful hydraulics.

Ecodrive cs from rexroth, profibus control though simatic entries. Complementing the ppc is bosch rexroth s ecodrive cs, a compact,lowpower. The dkc series of drives manufactured by indramat rexroth provide unrivaled reliability and are a cost effective solution to single and multiple. Rexroth ecodrive cs drives edition 02 indramat usa. Rexroth ecodrive cs drive controllers functional description. The codesys group is the manufacturer of codesys, the leading hardwareindependent iec 61 automation software for developing and engineering controller applications. Indramat rexroth diax02 indramat rexroth diax02 dds02. Drive parameters can be programmed through use of the drivetop software. Distribuidor oficial bosch rexroth, indramat, bosch y aventics. Rexroth ecodrive cs is a new generation of systemcompatible ac servo drives in the lower. User programming is simplified with intuitive, windowsbased commissioning software. Litco automation carries the complete line of rexroth indramat ecodrivec units and support components. Electric drives and controls technical course catalog.

Ecodrive cs offer a range of controllers that differ in current ratings. The firmware was moved to an external module esm module so that the firmware and parameter. Rexroth indradrive mpx02mpx05 and hmv, error messages and warnings troubleshooting guide dokindrvgenzusatzwa02enp rs454df3c8509675c90a6846a000deb3633enus4. The central software tool in rexroths offering is indraworks engineering framework for efficient planning, programming, commissioning and diagnosis of different. Ecodrive cs drives were notable for their small footprints, providing. The base load resistor 500 kohm is only relevant to ecodrive cs drive controllers. The motor should be exchanged and sent to the indramat customer service. Rexroth plc codesys the iec 61 automation software. The 4khz signal is synchronized with the software processing for creation of the resolver signal.

These are the fatal errors, the way i always understood it, f means failure or fatal when it comes to the rexroth. This video introduces bosch rexroths new servo drive amplifier and shows how easy it is to set up, especially with a third party plc. Fast engineering with guided workflows,comfortable programming environment for all plc functions,comprehensive software libraries compliant with iec. Rexroth ecodrive cs important notes 11 dokecodr3dkc cs ulib01enp 1 important notes 1. I would like to know if codesys will allow me to control rexroth plc. Fast engineering, comfortable programming, readymade user interfaces.

Rexroth ecodrive cs drives introduction to the system 11 dokecodr3dkc. Rexroth indramat dkc ecodrives indramat servo motors. We specialize in rexroth electric industrial motion control, both current and legacy. About this documentation ecodrive cs dokecodr3mgp01vrswa01enp rexroth ecodrive cs drive controllers troubleshooting guide. Motor and encoder theory, sercos, drive connections and basic operating. Ive been looking for this driver on the indramat site and on the profibus site i even called up bosch rexroth but no result. Bosch rexroth says the ecodrive cs firmware embodies processoriented technologies, including electronic gearing, cam tables and fast registration inputs, making it a suitable choice for packagehandling systems. Components of the rexroth indradrive cs range dokindrvhcs01pr02enp rexroth indradrive cs drive systems with hcs01 bosch rexroth. The ecodrive cs series was a lower power range 100 to 750 w option with a compact design. The cs, or compact series, is the latest addition to the. Rexroth ecodrive cs drives mains and supply voltage connection the ground conditions of the power supply network drive controllers of the rexroth ecodrive cs family can be operated on grounded. Indramat rexroth eco drive and tvm series test stand. Rexroth dkc servo drive the ecodrive type 3 family was the upgrade to the ecodrive type 1.

Rexroth ecodrive 03 r9120342 drive controllers dkc. They use the sercos interface and are particularly suited to printing, machine. Rexroth indradrive fatal errors fault codes here is a simple list of fatal errors that i have from one of the older rexroth indramat drives. Rexroth ecodrive cs r9120343 drives cmaflodynehydradyne. In the video, behzad will demonstrate how to properly test an indramat rexroth eco drive and an indramat rexroth.

One of the most popular servo drive and servo motor brands is indramat rexroth. Mgp01vrs 120b35701en this document is designed to assist maintenance personnel in identifying errors with the machinery. Overview information of the rexroth indradrive cs drive system. Rexroth indrasize is a software for optimum sizing of a drive sys. Siemens has software plc controllers that can run in a pc, such as. It is not permitted to decompile software products or alter source codes. Ecodrive cs are a low power tier of ecodrive controllers.

Rexroth indramat dds dks diax02 drives indramat servo. Factory repair services available with 24 hour turnaround. The ecodrive servo drive is also known as the rexroth dkc family. It is important to note that before the drive can be used it must be programmed with your required parameters. How to set up rexroth indradrive cs servo drive youtube. Mgp01vrs dokecodr3mgp01vrswa01enp box 7401ven base. You may find the appropriate distributor andor bosch rexroth sales contact in the usa by using this lookup utility. Plc and motion control programming based on codesys v3 with object oriented language extensions,intelligent, wizardsupported operation, comprehensive. With a large inventory of rexroth indramat ecodrives in stock, we have the correctly configured dkc to suit your needs. Rexroth ecodrive cs important notes dokecodr3dkc cs ulib01enp dangerous movements can occur immediately after equipment is switched on or even after an unspecified time of troublefree operation.

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