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Youll be surprised how close the app is to the real thing. You can book your driving theory test online by visiting the gov. Driving theory test free online practice up to date for. Once you have got your provisional licence you are now able to book your theory test. The multiplechoice questions in the theory test are based on 3 books.

Perfect preparation to get your driver license at the driver theory test dtt service. Its recommended that you print it off and take it to the truro theory test centre. How to find ayr theory test centre if you are driving to the theory test center as part of a lesson or accompanied with a friend or relative, to get to ayr theory test centre by car, you will need to travel south, heading towards sandgate, then turn left into boswell park. Driving theory test 2020 free uk online theory practice. The best way to prepare and ensure that you pass the official theory test first time is to practice the questions until you get every one right. Rather than going through the driving standards agency, also known as the dsa, as has been the case in the past, you will now book your theory test through the driver and vehicle standards agency the dvsa. If you book your uk driving theory test with us, you could be eligible for our pass protection scheme. This new edition has been updated with the latest changes to the car theory test revision questions. Please subscribe if you like our videos and want to get more. How to book your driving theory test dvla contact number. Driving theory test free 2020 for car drivers apps on. As with any other test in life, preparation is the key to passing your theory test with flying coloursand taking one step closer to becoming a fully qualified driver.

Apr 30, 2018 depending on your basic understanding of driving, preparation for this test can take 10 to 20 hours procedure for applying for the theory test. Join 5 million drivers who learnt using our driving theory test apps. Im planning on buying the dva official theory test book as well as the highway code book. Both parts must be passed in order to obtain a theory test pass certificate. Prepare to pass your theory test first time with the numberone bestselling theory test book the only official expert revision guide. Feb 23, 2018 as part of my driving lessons, i had access to the iphone app theory test pro. On request for a new theory test, theory test result of previous failed test must be provided and match the date hpm trading ltd booked.

Illustrated in full colour this highway code applies to england, scotland and wales. This enables the candidate to book a practical driving test. Book your theory test using our cancellation finder service. The official dsa theory test for car drivers book 20. The united kingdom driving test is a test of competence that uk residents take in order to obtain a full great britain or northern ireland car driving licence or to add additional full entitlements to an existing one. Theory test practice in tamil free dvladsa dvsa for all their candidates of driving theory test stop foreign language help like voiceovers questions and interpreters. Before you can book a driving test you have to pass the official dvsa theory test for car drivers. Greenock theory test centre book driving theory test on line.

Remember, you must pass your theory test before you can take your practical test. Driver and vehicle standards agency dvsa first time introduced uk driving theory test in july 1996. Theory test for driving licence uk naseers journey. We can not take responsibility if you book a nonrefundable date and then decide to cancel. Be sure you have everything needed to pass your driving theory test first time. Uk driving theory test practice 2020 this free theory test practice helps you prepare for the official uk driving theory examination. You can also book by phone theory test booking line. You can book your test online using this link pass marks. The dsa will not let anyone publish these new theory test questions, so they will not appear in any product, nor on any website. Whats the best resource for passing the uk driving theory. Prepare for the uk theory and practical driving tests. The first necessary thing in learning to drive is your driving theory test, this need to be passed before you book your driving practical test. Original post by fuzzybear all i would say is, dont bother buying anything for the theory test because. The book includes questions from all 14 topics of the theory test, which.

Free driving theory test uk questions and answers theory. We dont use a timer in our mock tests as this allows individuals to keep their time in control by testing the length of their mock test and is a big help on the main day. You will get the result at the test centre after taking the theory test. A document issued before you receive your registration document. Youll end up memorising most of the answers since some are really similar and the pool of possible questions isnt too big. Please note, many training courses packages will include booking your theory test for you. You must pass your theory test before you can book your driving test. Would you like to try more tests and see what else this online application has to offer. When you book using this service, you only pay the cost of the test theres no extra booking fee. Ultimate theory test revision resources passmefast blog.

Free driving theory test 3 theory test free uk theory. Tests vary depending on the class of vehicle to be driven. The official dvsa theory test for car drivers driving skills by driver and vehicle standards agency 23 oct 2019. The hazard perception test are also available in interactive dvd formats. Book, change or cancel your theory test online nidirect. From this date onwards, the dsa will add new multiplechoice theory test questions to the test. Use our fast, simple driving theory test booking service when booking your dsa theory test in grantham youll need. With driving theory 4 alls car driving theory test apps, you can literally prepare for your theory test, including your hazard perception test, anywhere.

The scheme provides you with added value and peace of mind, while representing a costsaving if youre unsuccessful. Buy the official dsa theory test for car drivers book 20 edition 16th 20 ed by driving standards agency isbn. Driving theory test learn and practice practice driving theory test, if you wish to learn by answering driving theory questions. The multiple choice section is different depending on your vehicle. This practice test contains 50 multiple choice questions. We develop userfriendly products in the form of wellstructured study topics and tests based on the information collected from the dvsa theory test resources such as test questions, video clips, scoring rules, and examportal design. Grantham theory test centre book my theory test online for. The retest can only be used by the person who booked their theory test with hmp trading ltd. The greenock driving theory test centre is a little east of the town centre. In the uk, new drivers are obliged by law to take and pass the driving theory test before being allowed to sit the practical driving test. This counterfeit test emulates the structure of the genuine mock test 2020 in everything.

We are often asked many questions about the theory test. You must pass the part 1 theory tests before you can take your category c1 driving test. Driving theory test book driving theory now offers theory. Driving theory test free online practice up to date for 2020. We provide complete online access to the latest revision tools licensed by dvsa theory test questions and hazard perception videos for car, motorcycle, lorry and bus, including added features for faster efficient learning get ready for your driving theory test twice as fast and save time. The best theory test uk app for you to prepare for your driving test in the uk.

I personally didnt use the book at all i used my iphone app which i just did mock theory tests on and kept doing them until i got 5050 consistently. Ayr theory test centre book driving theory test on line. The dsa driving theory test centre booking service, dont worry if you fail, you can sit the next one free. We have a collection of over mock theory test questions and answers which helps you to get your driving license much quicker. Everything you need to know about the uk driving theory test. In order to book a practical driving test, you will need the theory test number from your certificate. Quick and easy way to book your theory and practical driving test online. Now is the time to begin your theory test revision. Best website to practice theory test prepare online free. You can book a theory test over the phone by calling one of the numbers below. Which books would you recommend to buy for a theory test 2012. This section is designed to test your understanding of the theory behind driving. Book your dsa theory test in grantham, hassle free. You can book your driving theory test for cars, motorbikes, buses, coaches and lorries online.

When youre ready to take your theory test, book your test at a local test centre using the guide below. The driver and vehicle standards agency dvsa provides the service to book and manage your driving test. Driving, theory and cbt tests have been suspended due to the ongoing coronavirus restrictions. You can use books and software to revise for the theory test and take practice tests. Before you can take your driving test or even book one, you first have to tackle the theory test. A document issued before you receive your insurance certificate.

Go through them a couple of times and you should be getting 475050 on all 27 tests the second time round. Since then every learner driver has to pass this driving theory test before taking practical driving test. Driving tests are currently suspended for up to 3 months from 20 march 2020 due to coronavirus. Take fulllength, realistic hazard perception tests to prepare yourself for the official exam.

You must pass both parts to pass the test useful link. You must pass both parts of the theory test the multiplechoice part and the hazard perception test before you can book your practical driving test. But, regardless of where you take the practical test, wouldbe drivers in great britain are required to take a theory test as well before getting their driving licence. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. A document issued before you receive your driving licence. Revise individual topics, take fulllength tests and track your progress. The quickest and easiest way to book your official dva car, motorcycle, lorry or bus driving theory test is online. Recently added are the most common questions we are asked in the theory test help section. Dvsa is an executive agency of the department for transport dft.

Jan 28, 2017 by uk driving theory test channel thank you for watching the video uk driving theory test 12 with uk driving theory test channel. The ayr theory test centre is currently operated by pearson professional. Take simulation test, if you want to know whether you are ready for the highway code driving theory test. Theory test in tamil online free theory test tamil practice tamil driving theory test book 2020 tamil theory test cd 2020 buy theory tamil test cd. The theory test provider, pearson vue has closed its centres across the uk due to the unfolding coronavirus covid19 situation and driver theory tests have. Complete 2020 uk dvsa car theory test revision materials plus exclusive extras. Highway code study with flash cards, if you wish to refresh your memory or have a quick reference of your. No more waiting for your phone call to be answered. And because you dont need wifi, 3g or 4g, you can use them offline. Driving theory test online practice free mock tests. Although the building is very close to the railway lines, the station itself is about a ten minute walk away.

What you need to know about the uk driving theory test. The theory test questions and answers are also widely available in book and cdrom format. It has many many questions and hazard perception practises. Theory test 2 for uk driving licence 2020 guranteed pass. Theory test practice free realistic uk driving theory tests. Location please click here for a map to this test centre. Book theory test theory test driving test cancellations.

Download right now, be ready to ace your dvsa theory test tomorrow. Once we book a dvsa theory test on your behalf, youll receive a confirmation email with the details of your theory test booking including date and time. If you fail you a driving theory test booked with us, first time round, you could qualify for up to three, free retests. Uk drive test is a dvsa approved driving theory test and learning platform.

The highway code is essential reading for everyone. Book your official dvsa car or motorcycle theory test for. Download dvsa revision materials and exclusive learner content for the 2020 theory test. If so please register today for a free trial and get access to all the features of this product including another free theory and hazard perception test. From 23rd january 2012, the driving standards agency is making changes to the uk driving theory test. There are various options available for booking your theory test. If youre a key worker, you can apply for an emergency theory test.

We will help you to pass your driving theory test first time round. The video clip will show a situation, such as driving through a town centre, or driving on a country road. Jan 21, 2017 uk driving theory test 3 by uk driving theory test channel thank you for watching the video uk driving theory test 3 with uk driving theory test channel. The greenock theory test centre is currently operated by pearson professional. You have 57 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice driving theory test questions. The theory test provider, pearson vue has closed its centres across the uk due to the unfolding coronavirus covid19 situation and driver theory tests have been suspended from friday 20 march 2020 until further notice. You need to answer at least 43 out of 50 questions correctly to pass. The most realistic theory test training resource, the closest youre going to get to the official dsa theory test.

Practice driving theory test uk dvsa mock theory test 2017. Book practical driving test airdrie, book theory test asap. Uk driving theory test format learners will need to answer at least 43 correctly among the 50 questions within 57 minutes in order to pass. This will give you time to practice other questions and road signs.

Once you begin youll have 57 minutes to complete the test. This book contains mock multiple choice questions to help prepare for the real car driving theory test, along with the answers. Book, change or cancel your theory test appointment nidirect. This theory test consists of 50 questions that are very much similar to the real driving theory test questions. Booking a dsa theory test online is easier than ever with our booking form. Driving theory test book driving theory now offers. By using test uk you will be able to prepare yourself for the driving theory test faster. Uk dvsa theory test questions 2020 licensed by the dvsa driver and vehicle standards agency to provide car theory test revision questions, answers and. You can apply for an emergency test if youre a critical worker. All learner drivers must pass the theory test to qualify for the practical driving test and obtain their full uk driving licence.

Many of the cdroms offer mock tests and a hazard perception test and studying these will give you the best possible chance of passing. The format of the test is exactly the same as the format of the official test and the questions are based on the official 2020 highway code. The uks most complete free learner app with 2020 dvsa content. You can take driving lessons before passing your theory test, although you wont be able book your practical test until you have a valid theory test certificate in your possession. Booking should take around 5 minutes to complete however no time limited. When you book in person, youll need to bring with you. My mom has lots of books but she passed her test in 2000, so theyre quite old. Driving theory test centre book your official dsa theory. Uk driving theory test practice online question for. Take our free mock driving theory test which will enable you to be ready for the actual dvsa theory test exam. I passed my driving test on 12th march, just three days before my whole family had to go into self isolation due to my brother showing symptoms also that test was a rescheduled test as it was supposed to be in february but there was awful flooding and it got cancelled so i was really lucky with the new date i was given. Based on the official 2019 highway code manual issued by dvsa the driver and vehicles standards agency and past driving theory test revision questions. Information on the driving theory test, who needs to take it and documents you must bring.

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